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Welcome to Little Acorns

At Little Acorns we understand and recognise the relationships and attachments that babies and young children have with significant adults are of crucial importance in their life. We therefore provide a caring and consistent team of practitioners and as a result your child will benefit from the close and caring interactions of familiar team members. Your child will develop in confidence, independance, have motivation and self fulfilment and develop a true love of learning.

Little Acorns News Board

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Free childcare places available at Little Acorns .....

All children are eligable to receive up to 15 hours per week Government funded childcare following their 3rd birthday. Please ask the Nursery Manager for more details....

We have many special offers and anniversary offers available ...

Summer specials and anniversary offers are currently being snapped up by families all accross the country at our nurseries, please get in touch to see the offers available in your area ..

Little Acorns going green

We have recently introduced paperless billing at all of our settings.
Did you know that each house produces around one tonne of rubbish annually, amounting to 29.1 million tonnes for the UK each year.